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Terms of Engagement

The following provides basic information about the terms of engagement of Simon Cheung & Co.

Quality service

Our professional services will be of high quality and appropriate to clients' requirements.

Fees and estimate

We normally charge on a time basis. We may increase or reduce the amount charged in any particular case if this basis of calculation would not fairly reflect the value of our services, having regard to the size or complexity of the matter or other relevant factors. Our hourly rates are set by reference to current market conditions and vary according to the seniority and experience of the lawyers or paralegals involved. The rates are adjusted periodically, normally with effect from 1st July. The current hourly rates are as follows:-





Trainee Solicitor/


In appropriate cases, we may also charge on a fixed fee basis.

We will also charge for costs and disbursements incurred in connection with clients' work, including items such as filing and search fees, long distance telephone calls, faxes, postage, messenger and courier charges, photocopying, travel and accommodation. Where clients require work to be performed on an exceptionally urgent basis outside our regular office hours, we may also charge for clerical staff overtime.

Our fees are payable even if the transaction does not proceed for any reason.

We may from time to time estimate the amount of fees we anticipate will be charged with respect to certain services. Such estimates should not be considered to be fixed quotes or caps unless expressly agreed by us. This is particularly true in litigation matters and where dealings with third parties are involved, where it is not possible to anticipate in advance the amount of time that will be required to respond to courses of conduct which are taken by third parties, and where the work done may not always be within our control.

Billing and payment

We will render bills periodically - normally on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our bills are payable upon presentation.

Confidentiality and legal privilege

We will keep clients' affairs confidential. In addition, the concept of legal privilege protects certain communications from being disclosed in a court of law.


Clients may terminate our engagement at any time.

We may withdraw from our engagement generally, or on any particular matter, for good cause; this would include circumstances where it would be unlawful or unethical for us to continue to act, or if any bill is not paid when due. This is not a step which we would take lightly and whenever practicable we would consult our clients before ceasing to act.

We will charge for work done up to the time of termination and for related costs and disbursements. After the conclusion of our services, we will upon clients' request deliver to clients all papers and files to which clients are entitled, upon settlement of all outstanding bills.

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